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Small Business Proposal Writers


The practical use of business proposals among small businesses has decreased during the past 20 years. While there are many explanations for the reduced activity, most smaller companies have devoted less time and other resources to a business development strategy that is still very effective for increasing new sales activity.

With fewer employees and time to devote to business proposal writing, how should a small business owner attempt to use this proven communication and marketing strategy? Here are several possibilities:

  • Use experienced small business proposal writers on a consulting basis
  • Hire a business training specialist to train one or more employees to prepare and submit effective proposals
  • Collaborate with another company (that has the needed proposal skills) as a business partner during the Request for Proposal (RFP) Process

Too Much Information or Not Enough?


When individuals are using the internet to find answers or information, they usually have very specific expectations about what they will find. The use of search engines such as Google encourages some to think that the answer is just a click away, but a more realistic perspective is that an internet search is just the beginning of a long and demanding journey.

At the other end of the spectrum, the authors of internet information are constantly waging an internal battle about how much information is needed to successfully accomplish their writing goal. On the one hand, it is always prudent to be concise in any form of communication. With this line of thinking, it is easy to fall into a potential word trap of using as few words as possible. Unfortunately this approach can make it more difficult for search engine users to find the hypothetical short answer because “short” is not necessarily a good thing in terms of new content or blog posts on the internet.

On the proverbial other hand, writers can periodically be concerned that there might such a thing as “too much information” because of potential boredom or a short attention span. The practical writing solution is to focus on providing helpful and relevant information and let the length of the explanation evolve naturally.

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Love or Hate Social Media?

social media sites

Businesses and individuals everywhere are adding social media to their growing list of companies and activities which qualify for confusion and uncertainty as to whether we should love them or hate them. Banks were a previous leading candidate for this informal ongoing assessment that there will probably always be services that most of wish we could live without but cannot in the current environment. While banking institutions have not really been displaced in this regard, they do now have some regular company.

Business communications is always full of challenges like this. In the case of social media sites, practical communication strategies are needed if for no other reason than the growing unpopularity of some “popular” choices.

Transitions from Military Service to Small Business Careers

Military Career Transitions

Military Career Transitions

Career transitions are a common activity for many individuals. However this usually translates to changing jobs from one employer to another rather than moving from one sector to a totally new one. The transition from military service to a new career is a clear example of significant change which usually requires some help from several sources to make it effective. Stephen Bush is a Navy veteran (and the CEO of AEX Commercial Financing Group) who is actively providing career mentoring and training for military personnel needing some specialized help to make their career transition successful. If you or someone you know needs some guidance, please contact Steve to discuss how he might be able to assist.

Career Training Solutions

career training

Career Training Help

Searching for employment and career help is unfortunately a popular activity when business and economic circumstances continue to be uncertain. Effective career training solutions can be part of a successful search. There are several key attributes to look for, and here are two of them:

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Flexibility

Because of several serious challenges impacting employment and traditional careers, the importance of focusing on effective career training programs is likely to continue for an extended period.

Business Training Help

Cost Effective Business Training

Cost Effective Business Training

The need for small business training help often goes unanswered because of potential costs or a misunderstanding of the business training goals. Once this confusion is eliminated, business training help can contribute to increased effectiveness in eight key areas (including business communication). As for costs, one of the key goals to be addressed is cost-effectiveness. This particular training goal requires particular attention.

How Can Businesses Improve Public Relations With Their Bank?

Which Way to Better Public Relations With Your Banker?

Which Way to Better Public Relations With Your Banker?

The state of business communications between small businesses and their banking institutions is effectively on life support. This is clearly not a good condition to be in, and most small business owners would change this situation in a heartbeat if they could. One potential solution to this dilemma is for each small business owner to engage in a variation of a public relations campaign in an effort to improve business communications with their bankers and banks.

This will generally involve two activities that many companies are somewhat lacking in:

  • Business Writing
  • Business Negotiating

Even in situations where there are significant negotiating and writing skills present, the use of a business public relations expert should be evaluated. After all, this is an important part in maintaining or restoring the financial health of a company!