About AEX Business Communications and Stephen Bush

business management consultant

Stephen Bush provides small business consulting throughout the United States. Steve is the CEO and Founder of AEX Commercial Financing Group and is especially well-known for candid and practical small business communications advice. He is a small business financing expert who has written extensively about anticipating and solving business finance problems.

AEX management services include business consulting, small business communications, commercial lender negotiations and training for small business finance consulting careers. AEX specializes in formulating practical solutions for avoidable business risks.

Although based in Ohio, AEX routinely serves as a small business consultant throughout the United States and Canada. For example, recent assignments have involved businesses located in New York, Georgia, Oregon, Washington, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, Virginia, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio.

The AEX Referral Fee Program provides generous compensation to individuals referring business borrowers when AEX finalizes the business financing. While almost all small business owners should benefit from practical and straightforward business finance advice, such help is often not available. AEX has built a solid commercial financing reputation based upon candid advice and strategies to help small businesses avoid commercial finance problems. Some of their best advice continues to be available for free on their websites.

The AEX Business Finance Consultant Training Program provides specialized and individualized training for those seeking a career involving small business finance consulting. There are multiple career paths, and many of the career opportunities can be either a second job or a part-time role.

With increasing small business financing uncertainties, the problem-finding and problem-solving expertise of AEX Commercial Financing Group can be especially valuable for business owners. Many lenders have stopped making commercial loans. As Stephen Bush, CEO and Founder of AEX, has observed, “With a chaotic small business finance climate, it can be very confusing for business owners to know when they should seek expert advice. For borrowers now facing complicated commercial finance choices, reviewing the most relevant reports published by AEX will be a good first step. For those requiring further help, AEX should be contacted for a candid and practical assessment.”


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